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If you enjoy adventure and spending time in the great outdoors in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, polarized lenses from Maple Ridge Eye Care may be an excellent choice for your next pair of sunglasses. Polarized lenses, which are available in prescription and non-prescription options, are made with a laminated filter, specifically designed to block glare-inducing, horizontally oriented light while permitting vertically oriented light to pass through.


Lenses that have been polarized offer important protections for your eyes. They are especially useful for individuals who spend exceptional amounts of time outside. Polarization reduces glare typically sourced from the sun, snow, and water. Reduced glare translates to improved safety for the wearer.

Polarized lenses are designed to cut the glare on the surface of the water so that the wearer can see below the surface rather than the reflection of the sky on the surface. Polarized sunglasses deliver UV (Ultraviolet) protection, a critically important type of protection for your eyes.

Another benefit that polarized lenses provide is clearer vision. Polarized eyeglasses are designed to filter bright light, which improves contrast as well as visual clarity. The reduction in glare generated by bright light provides clearer vision.

Because polarized sunglasses minimize reflection and glare, these lenses also help reduce eye strain for those working or playing outdoors. In addition, polarized glasses allow for a more authentic perception of colors, which may have been somewhat distorted by the way traditional sunglasses are designed to block light.

Contact Maple Ridge Eye Care to Learn More About the Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

Most people will find wearing polarized sunglasses quite helpful when participating in outdoor activities. Call Maple Ridge Eye Care today at (604) 670-4434 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist.

Written by Dr. M. Hurlbert

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