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While you may not go blind from dry eye disease, you can be made very uncomfortable. The constant feeling that something is in your eye can be disconcerting. Burning or stinging eyes is no fun, and you need to find a way to make the situation better. Talking to your eye doctor about treatment is a good place to start. Our optometrists at Maple Ridge Eye Care will conduct a thorough exam and create a customized treatment plan designed to reduce or eliminate your dry eye symptoms.


Dry eyes do not just have one symptom, you may have one, or several of them. These symptoms include:

  • The sensation of grit or sand in your eyes
  • Red eyes that will not go away
  • Eyes that sting or burn
  • Eyes that feel chronically tired
  • Distorted vision that improves with blinking or eye drops
  • Your contacts make your eyes hurt


Dry eye disease is a chronic eye condition. It is the result of inadequate tear production or poor-quality tears. You need tears for your eyes to work correctly. Why dry eye happens can be a combination of multiple factors. Dry eyes are more common as you age, and if you are a female you are also at a greater risk.

If you suffer from diabetes or other medical conditions, you need to understand how it can contribute to your dry eyes. If you have a family history of dry eye disease you may be more prone to developing dry eye. Some medications can also lead to dry eyes.


Not every case of dry eyes will have the same treatment. Your optometrist will design a plan that works for you depending on what is causing your condition. Your treatment plan may be as simple as using some over-the-counter eye drops and a few simple lifestyle changes. If your eyes are bothering you, make an appointment as soon as possible to get the treatment that you need.

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If you are experiencing the symptoms of dry eye and live in or around Maple Ridge, contact our eye doctors at Maple Ridge Eye Care to schedule a consultation. Call our team today at (604) 670-4434 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

Written by Dr. M. Hurlbert

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